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Enjoy a walk around the sites and monuments of Zaragoza

El Pilar, Zaragoza La Seo, Zaragoza

Basílica del Pilar

Located in Plaza del Pilar, also called the cathedrals square, near the bank of the Ebro river, is a Baroque style jewel. The current temple was designed by Felipe Sánchez y Herrera “El Mozo”. The Basilica houses the Sagrada Columna de la Virgen del Pilar and it is the symbol of Zaragoza and its population.

The Seo Cathedral or the Cathedral of the Savior

It is built in the ancient Roman forum, also called the forum of Caesaraugusta, where the old mosque of Saraqusta was located. Its construction –Roman style– started in the 13th century, but it was modified many times until 1704, when the spire was added to the tower.

Palacio de la Aljafería

It is the current seat of the Cortes de Aragón (Parliament of Aragón). It is an Arabic monument, ancient palace of the king Al-Muqtadir from the Saraqusta party –11th century–. It was later used by other kings of Aragón, like Peter IV “the Ceremonious King” and Ferdinand the Catholic, among others. It was also used as the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition..

Forum of Caesaraugusta

It is located under the Seo Cathedral, where are exhibited the archaeological remains found in the Tiberian forum and in a market from the Augustan period.

Roman Theater of Caesaraugusta

It was built in the Tiberian period -1st century- and became one of the largest theaters in the Roman Hispania, with a capacity for up to 6,000 people.

Thermal baths of Caesaraugusta

Located in San Juan y San Pedro street, between the Roman theater and the forum.

San Gil Abad Church

Mudejar church from the 14th century. It was declared National Monument in 1967.

El Palacio de los Luna.

It is a Renaissance house-palace built in the16th century by order of Sir Pedro Martínez de Luna, first Count of Morata and Viceroy of Aragón

The Water Tower.

It is a 76 meter-high tower, located in the building where the Expo 2008 was celebrated. It has a transparent, glassed in body, in water drop shape that attracts the attention of thousands of tourists. Designed by Enrique de Teresa, a famous architect, it has become the modern emblem of Zaragoza, the capital of Aragón.

The Auditorium

Designed by the architect José Manuel Pérez Latorre , from Aragón, it is used as an Exhibition Palace.

Puerta del Carmen, Zaragoza Aljafería, Zaragoza
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