Offers Apartment Augusta Centro, Saragossa, Spain

Booking: +34 976 456 588 - Calle San Pablo, 4. 50001, Saragossa, Spain

Apartment Augusta Centro Official Website.  Calle San Pablo, 4. 50001, Saragossa, Spain Tel.: +34 976 456 588 Fax: +34 976 446 998

The best rates in Zaragoza... And breakfast is included!

As you will find out, Augusta Centro Apartments offer the best rates in Zaragoza.

Furthermore, we publish a monthly calendar with offers and very competitive prices that you can check to plan your travel and safe money.

Remember that our rates are per night, not per person, and include a buffet breakfast in the dining room Las Nieves of Hotel París Centro, an advantage that other establishments do not offer.

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